Studio wall‘Chair’ traces the journey of a British manufactured domestic oak chair, back through its process of manufacture to the forest of origin, expressed through archived sound compositions, image and artifact.

This collaboration between sculptor and prop maker Dot Young, sound designer and composer Gregg Fisher and photographer Pavel Legonkov sees the Free Space Gallery and the Kentish Town Health Centre play host to a month long immersive experience.
Patients, staff and visitors will come across the ‘Chair’ narrative in unexpected places in the award winning architecture of the centre.

‘Chair’ explores a complex political and emotional journey, considering environmental aspects of production, alongside implications of globalisation. It forms part of the wider research objectives of ‘Aurality of Objects’ (see here for full academic paper), which questions if collecting and recycling the previously wasted sound produced in production might relate to the identity of objects and how we understand and interact with them. It asks if being sensitised to these echoes of fabrication would foster a responsibility for the objects’ manufacture on a more visceral level?

This is to be the first full representation of the work, which has previously been shown as work in progress both nationally and internationally.

‘Chair’ will feature four afternoon and evening events to further expand upon the themes of the exhibition. All events are free and open to all, and listed in the events page of the website.