10th August 2013

Free Space. It has be a wonderful experience to work with Mel and all at Free Space.  Pav, Gregg and I have had an enlightening time tracking our oak chair. An emotional journey…… thanks to Vastern Timber, Stewart Linfords and all the people we met along the way. Thank you!

IMG_6267 copy Mud TractorPeter barnes Banner sawWheels Pav Lights

Forest 11 small Forest 2

25th June 2013

Don’t miss last week of the exhibition!

The Chair. Sound Sculpture.

The Chair. Sound Sculpture.                 

22nd June 2013

It was really nice to see everyone who came today to our Artist Talk…thanks for your notes and drawings at the Sheds journal!

18th June 2013

The Shadow Forest workshop brought together a diverse and engaged group of creative individuals who spent the day exploring the forest…..they created a beautiful outcome that we all shared and enjoyed. Thank you to all who came, you were amazing!

IMG_1027 IMG_1026 IMG_1078 IMG_1144 IMG_1155

17th June 2013

…some pictures from the Opening of the exhibition 1st June 2013 at Free Space Gallery, Kentish Town Health Centre.

June 8th 2013

Thanks everyone who came down today and enjoyed Soundwalk with Donato Wharton.

Getting ready for Soundwalk

June 6th 2013

On the terrace… with Gregg’s soundscape…

IMG_9133    Exhib Rootball copy    Forest sketch

June 6th, 2013

The shed is beckoning!

Exhib Shed       IMG_0864

May 29th, 2013

Our prints arrived today! Shed almost ready…working on CD cover now. Excited!

May 21st, 2013

Ah…getting things together for the shed. Looking forward to seeing it develop over the next week!


May 19th, 2013

“Remember, shadows stay in front or behind, never on top”
M ‘s advice to James Bond, The World is Not Enough
…Working on our workshop.

May 12th, 2013

Very wet day!
The latest news is that it’s great to have Kelley Griffiths join us as Technical Production Manager.
Very excited to have her working with us.

Make           Wrapped

May 5th. 2013

Tech sketch modelTech

Gregg, Pav and I working towards the 1st June Opening at Free Space Gallery.

Welding, sculpting, editing, printing……many technical drawings and  samples, discussions and phone calls….

May 1st, 2013

It’s the launch day of the website for ‘Chair- A life Backwards’! We’re really excited to announce that we’re going to be at Free Space Gallery, Kentish Town, London, from the 1st of June for the whole month with sound installations, photographic work, talks, discussions and a workshop. Gregg Fisher, Pavel Legonkov and I are collaborating on the project and will be posting the latest developments over the next month as we prepare for the opening of the event.

It’s fantastic to be working with Gregg and Pavel on the project, and also with Mel from Free Space Gallery, who has been an integral part of all the planning, and has come up with a multitude of creative ideas and suggestions.

Looking forward to hearing your comments, and inviting you to come and explore ‘Chair’!


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