Interactive sound installation, photography and events
1st – 29th June, 2013.
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, plus events every Saturday.
Free Space Gallery
Kentish Town Health Centre
2 Bartholomew Road
London, NW5 2BX
Tel: 07950 695699

‘Chair’ brings together artists Dot Young, Gregg Fisher and Pavel Legonkov for a month long exhibition and series of events at  the Free Space Gallery, Kentish Town Health Centre, including interactive sound installations, photographic work, discussions and workshops.

‘Chair’ focuses on the aural history of one of the most commonplace and symbolic objects of everyday life, and explores the complex political and environmental aspects of production, alongside the implications of globalisation. It forms part of a wider research enquiry ‘Aurality of Objects’.

On the website you will find further in-depth information regarding the origins and history of the research enquiry, along with practitioners profiles, including recorded interviews with Dot, Gregg and Pavel. You can also explore the gallery and leave your feedback, observations and comments on the Blog.

The project and exhibition would not have been possible without the collaboration and support of Stewart Linford, Vastern Timber, RCSSD, d&b AudiotechnikCROPP, Hato Press, and The Mapleseed Foundation.

Additional thanks are sent to Melissa Hardwick, Arts Manager and Curator at The Free Space Gallery for her continuous creative input and endless support.